Before diving into this article, spare a second and take a good look at where are you reading this article?

Your mobile phone? Or Laptop? 

And how are you reading it? 

Through the Internet, right?

There is no doubt in the fact that more than half of your routine is dominated by these internet-capable devices.

As the Internet and digitalization keep booming, so does the sector of Digital Marketing.

The direct benefit of this goes to the individual who is into or seeking job opportunities in Digital Marketing.

Let’s get to know the jobs that are trending in 2020 in Digital Marketing.

  • Digital Marketing Manager 

You might have seen various brands carrying out various campaigns on digital platforms that engage audiences and enhance brand awareness. That is the job of a Digital Marketing Manager.

Chalking a plan out, developing, implementing, and managing a marketing plan with the help of digital tools and technologies is what their responsibility is.

Skills – Leadership, Creativity, Strong communication

  • Content Strategist

Content Strategists are responsible for developing a content strategy that bridges the gap between a company’s objective and the end user’s needs.

Content is considered as the king today. A content strategist job involves working on and developing such content pieces that drive the audience to the company.

Skills – Writing, Command over language, Thinking ability.

  • Virtual Reality Developer

Virtual Reality is a new-age technology taking digital marketing to new heights. Top brands have started using it in their digital marketing campaigns given consumers are fascinated by it.

A Virtual Reality Developer’s job includes creating immersive experiences using technology through apps or games for viewers.

Skills – Strong technological background, design skills, software programming, software development

  • SEO and SEM Specialist

The Internet is the home of thousands of brands and companies offering the same services you do. How do you expect to be seen among so many?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing) Specialists’ job is to plan, develop, and implement strategies that drive traffic to your website and rank our webpage highly on search engines.

Skills – Critical thinking, Analytics skills, Communication skills

  • User Experience Designer

A UX Designer’s responsibilities include being a bridge or a medium of communication between a company and the end-user. 

They develop and make technology – products, apps, websites usable and enjoyable for human use.

Skills – Design and development, Critical thinking, Technological background

  • Data Analysts

A Data Analyst collects data and information, organizes it, analyses it to reach meaningful conclusions.

 It basically involves translating the huge and complex statistical data into simpler language helping companies to use it in making future decisions.

Skills – Mathematical ability, Analytical skills, Interpreting skills, Problem-solving.

  • Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist is responsible for getting traffic and leads through email communication. 

Developing and following email marketing campaigns and using written communication to engage an audience are their roles.

Skills – Writing and editing, Communication.

  • IoT Marketing Specialist

Marketers track user’s behavior, lifestyle, choices, demands and use the data to provide user-specific products and services.

IoT Marketing Specialists role includes tracking such data, collecting and organizing it to create user database and using it in customer analysis and marketing.

Skills – Teamwork, Analyzing skills, Technical background

  • Bot Developer

Bot Developers are people who create, develop, and program bots. Bots are software that can have interactions with users to enhance the experience of users.

Skills – Understanding of clients, Fluency with professional tools.

  • Social Media Manager

With Social Media marking a major presence in our lives, brands have turned their paths to it as well.

Social Media Managers are responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and monitoring the presence of a brand on different social media platforms. It includes working on campaigns and being updated with different trends.

Skills – Understanding of social media platforms, Creativity, Copywriting

Final Words

These are just a few of the jobs that are in demand. With Digital Marketing growing at a rapid rate, opportunities are bound to increase even more. 

And the best part is, Digital Marketing has room for everyone. Whether you are with a technical background, aspiring to get into a business or trying to mold your career with creativity, you’ll get every kind of opportunity.

So, assess your skillset and interests and get going, Digital Marketing welcomes you all!