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Are you looking to start a career in Digital Marketing and looking for a good institute?

Digital Marketing is one of the top categories in which you can make your career. This field is growing and will grow further because more and more users are spending time on the Internet and buying goods online.

If companies have to maintain and increase their sales, they have to switch to being online and they actually are doing that.

Studies show that by the year 2020, 50% of the ad spends done by corporates would happen on digital platforms and if that has to happen, these corporates would need digital marketing professionals for fulfilling these needs.

This is why there is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals. A simple search on Naukri, Monster, and Linkedin will show you more than 20 thousands jobs in the field of digital marketing.

But are there enough trained/skilled digital marketers in India?

I would say probably, No.

The simple reason is that there are hardly any college degrees or courses available in India who really teach digital marketing so that students can become digital marketing professionals.

While Government takes time in upgrading their curriculum and courses, a lot of autonomous coaching institutes have mushroomed all over India who claim to teach digital marketing.

But the problem is that most of these institutes do not have what it takes to be a really good institute.

If you are really serious about making a career in the field of digital marketing, here are a few points that you should consider before selecting a digital marketing institute:

Number of Modules:

DigitalSeekh - Digital Marketing Course Modules

Most of the digital marketing institutes would talk about a number i.e. they will give you a big number that we teach 40 modules or 50 modules but frankly, it is not about the number of modules but it is about the quality.

It is very easy to break down a topic into pieces and all these as separate modules. For example, SEO course can be broken down into on-page module and off-page module and further it can be broken into content SEO and technical SEO and many other pieces just to increase the number of modules.

The bigger thing is to see if they are covering the topic in depth or not.

While it is important to cover as many as modules as possible but it is more important to understand the application i.e. how to use that particular module in day to day work.

Are they just going to run you through the theory or will also give you some assignments and make you do some practicals?

If you are considering more than one institute, please compare the modules and ask as many questions as possible.

Theory vs Practical Balance:

If you do a bit of research on the Internet, you would easily find a lot of material about all the digital marketing modules but would you be able to implement each of them by yourself?

Probably NO

This is where the difference between a good and not so good institute will come out.

Ideally, these institutes should not only teach you the theory but they should also focus on the practical aspects of the theory so that you can learn each and every module by hard and implement things when you work in a job.

You should ask if the institute will give any practical assignments or not?

You should ask if the institute would provide live projects to work on?

Answers to such questions would help you decide the right digital marketing institute

Job Assistance

DigitalSeekh - Job Assistance

While the numbers would show that the companies are spending more and more on digital platforms and also that there is a huge demand of digital marketing professionals but one needs to understand that all these companies need the right talent.

Any student who pursues a professional course do that to acquire a job or start on his/her own.

While there are tons of digital marketing institutes available, you as a student should check if the institute would help you secure a job or even an internship?

Even if the institute helps you in getting the right internship, it should be a good step.

To add further, the institute should also help you in making a good CV, help you prepare for some real interviews so that the chances of you securing a job improves.

A student should try to contact the old students of the institute and ask as many questions about the digital marketing course module, trainer, practical exposure, etc and then decide whether to join that particular institute or not.


Tools @ DigitalSeekh

Digital Marketing is a field based on data and at every step of digital marketing, you will need one or the other tool to analyze data.

If you talk about search engine optimization, there are SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, UberSuggest, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc

If you talk about paid advertising, there are tools like Google Adwords, FB ads, FB Audience Insights, SpyFu, etc

If you talk about blogging, there are various plugins that are used on a day to day basis. Example: Yoast, All in one SEO, Related Post Plugins, Email Subscription, Social Sharing plugins.

The point here is that does the institute make you learn these tools?

There are institutes that would promise you that the students would be given FREE tools worth Rs. XYZ but in reality, most of those tools are made by their friends or they are an affiliate of those tools.

It is important that you ask the tools on which the institute will provide training.

Are those tools popular?

Are those tools used on a day to day basis?

Are those tools useful?

Is the current digital world using those tools?

If you get a positive response to these questions, it would mean that the institute knows about the industry and would probably make you learn these tools.


While there is a great demand for digital marketing professionals, not all of them are skilled and experts.

To test your skills, there are some certifications like Google Ads certification, BING, FB, etc

Clearing these certifications would improve your chances of getting a job.

However, clearing these certifications is not a piece of cake.

One needs to learn the basics as well as know how to apply the basics in several situations because that is what the requirement of the market is and this is something that is asked in these certification exams.

As a student, you should ask if the institute would train you for these certifications and help you in clearing the respective exams.

Networking and Guest Sessions

One of the crucial factors of becoming a good marketer is learning from various case studies.

Learning from other experts, their experiences and their strategies would help you grow and know more.

They say “Your Net-worth is your Network”

A good digital marketing institute would organize various events wherein they would invite experts from various industries who share their knowledge and experience.

This will not only help you learn new things but also help you build a strong network which should surely help you in your career.


One of the most important factors in selecting a digital marketing institute is the Trainer.

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of digital marketing institutes out there but do you really know who the trainer in those institutes is.

You would find various institutes who just have a branch of digital marketing.

You would find various institutes where the owner knows nothing about digital marketing and has just hired a part-time trainer to teach students.

You may find institutes, where they charge a very small amount to gather a number of students and the focus, is on collecting money and not making you a real professional.

If you want to become a full-time digital marketing professional and are also paying a handsome fee to learn digital marketing, it is extremely important to know the trainer of a particular institute.

Has the trainer worked in the Industry?

Has the trainer handled big campaigns?

Has the trainer worked with any big brands?

Can the trainer talk about some past work?

Is the trainer well networked?

It is not about the puppet show alone, it is also about the Puppet Master. And, if you really want to learn real knowledge, do not hesitate and do ask about the trainer and insist on meeting and talking to the trainer because:

It is not the ambiance of the Institute

It is not about the free WiFi provided by the Institute

It is not about the speed of the Internet

It is not about the fees being a few thousand rupees lesser

It is not about how close is the institute from your house

It is not about your friend joining the institute or not.

It is Only and Only about who will train you as it is your career and your life.


If you are looking to join a digital marketing institute, chances are that you are a graduate and it is time for you to make your career.

This is an extremely crucial time of your life wherein you cannot take any chances.

The decisions taken at this time would shape your career.

Be very very careful in making the right career move i.e. selecting the right institute.

The institute that is as serious as you are.

The institute that cares for you

The institute that supports you even after you complete the Digital Marketing course

The institute where you can learn the REAL Digital Marketing