11 Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a CareerIf you are thinking about what to do in life, you should think this damn seriously.

If you are worried about your career, you should be.

If you are not sure what to do, you are not alone who thinks like that.

Ask yourself, are you suffering from peer pressure? You may feel that. You are human.

Ask yourself, are your parents worried about you? They must be.

This demands you to make a decision and a wise decision. Because it is your whole life that we are talking here.

It at all you are thinking about Digital Marketing as a career, you are in a good thought lane.

Why Digital and Digital Marketing as a Career?

Reason 1 – Number of Job Opportunities

You must be wondering if there are enough jobs in Digital Marketing

As per Google’s 2018 report, there are 400 MN active Internet users in India and as per a report from Vidooly, there are around 670 MN total Internet users in India.

While this is already a huge number, this is further increasing at a very rapid pace.

As per reports, by the year 2020, 50% of the spends by big corporates of the US will happen via Digital platforms.

A few highlights about the Indian scenario:

Gone are the days when you had to stand in a queue to buy a bus or a railway ticket.

Now you use IRCTC and RedBus.

Gone are the days when you had to go to a travel agent to book air tickets.

Now you use ClearTrip, MMT, Yatra type apps.

Gone are the days when you had to go to the nearby taxi spot to book an outstation taxi.

Now you Use Uber and Ola

Gone are the days when you had to stand in the queue at the bank to make a Demand Draft or deposit/withdraw money.

Now you use Netbanking

Gone are the days when you asked the route to a place that you were going by road to your friends, family and relatives.

Now you use Google Maps

The reason is DIGITAL as more and more people are turning Digital, becoming Digital.

Hence, Companies are targeting their audiences on Digital platforms.

And to do this successfully, these companies need human resources who are skilled and trained in reaching out to the right audience.

We did a quick search on job portals of India.

A few searches on the popular job portals like Naukri, Monster and also networking platform like Linkedin will show you around 25,000 jobs in the field of Digital Marketing in India.

Hence, it is no brainer that Digital Marketing is one of the growing categories in India. Both for corporates looking to target their audiences as well as individuals looking to make a career.

Reason 2 – No need to learn hardcore software coding

It is not mandatory to learn hardcore software coding for getting into Digital Marketing

You must be asking that Do I have to learn software coding for making a career in Digital marketing?

The answer is “Not really

Knowing software coding is not the primary requirement or pre-requisite for making a career in the field of digital marketing. However, if you know the basics of HTML and some bit of CSS and Javascript, handling some advanced aspects would be easier.

Reason 3 – Not compulsory to have English as the native language

A lot of people ask “My English is not Good, Can I become a Digital Marketer?”

Well, Digital Marketing places you on the global arena and when it comes to connecting and communicating audiences globally, knowing English becomes important.

However, English is not the toughest of languages and it is not extremely important that you should be a super speaker of the English language. It is more important that you know how to read and write English.

Spoken English is something that can be improved with time.

But please understand that learning English is important and if you want to grow and be big, you better learn English.

Imagine you are working in a multinational company or working in a digital marketing agency that has International clients. 

How will you understand their requirements?

How will you explain your strategy to them?

How would you communicate with those clients on a regular basis?

These are important questions to be asked to yourself and investing your time in sharpening your English language skills would definitely pay good dividends.

But as mentioned above, learning English is not rocket science and if you are really passionate about becoming a serious digital marketing professional, start learning English and you will be on your course.

Reason 4 – No Door to Door Selling Work

Digital Marketing doesn't require you to go Door to Door

Students do not want to take up a hardcore sales job and ask do they have to go for door to door marketing?

No, a big NO

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that it allows you to reach every corner of the house of your audience because you can reach them via desktop, tablet, Smart TV and mobile phones.

But it doesn’t ask you to go physically at every door and market the product or service.

Reason 5 – Great Networking Opportunities

Will I be able to network with new people?

Yes, absolutely. The more you do it, the better it would be for your career.

It is said that “Your Net Worth is your NetWork” and digital platforms make networking really really easy.

Linkedin is one of the top platforms where professionals of each and every field are connecting with each other. For professional help, for sharing your knowledge, for reading the posts of people of your field, for jobs, for following companies that you like and much more.

Reason 6 – Travel to the World

Digital Marketing doesn't necessarily require you to be stationed at one place

Travel Places and Work Remotely

Digital Marketing events happen all over the world and it would be really good if you can attend such events.

These events not only help you learn new things, but these events also help you in building your network, getting jobs and projects.

Not only this, digital marketing is quite flexible and in most of the cases, it doesn’t necessarily want you to be present with the other teams.

You can work from anywhere in the world…….. Provided you have a good internet connection and a good computer…….. Lastly, clear and proactive communication is required and you are done.

Reason 7 – No need to Learn many Foreign Languages

Foreign language – Will I have to compulsorily learn foreign languages?

No, you do not have to learn foreign languages like French, Spanish, German, Russian or Mandarin.

Digital Marketing happens all over the world and if you want to work from European countries or countries like China and Japan, learning the native languages would definitely be helpful.

Reason 8 – Constructive Sales Pressure and Targets

Yes, there are targets in Digital Marketing but not the usual Sales or Insurance Type Targets

Will there be Sales pressure?

Every business is done or rather should be done taking some or other target in the mind.

If we do not have any target, we will not know where we are going. 

We should know whether we are improving or depleting.

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can know which sources are working well for you and which sources are not performing and when you know it, you would like to scale your campaigns via the sources that are giving you good results.

In a nutshell, yes, there would be targets and there would be a constructive pressure to hit your numbers.

But as mentioned earlier, digital marketing works around data and working around this data is extremely interesting and even if there are targets to be hit, it should be fun.

Reason 9 – Better Job Security

Will my Job be secured?

We are living in a competitive world and one has to be on their toes all the time. 

Digital Marketing is a performance-driven category and not a usual 2+2=4 job. 

This category has evolved and is further evolving at a rapid pace which means that you too have to keep learning and evolving.

A few years ago, mobile apps were not there but having a mobile app and a responsive site is a must. Google now has a system wherein its Mobile crawler/indexing reads your website first before doing the same for Desktop.

What all of this means is that if you keep doing the old things, you might not see good results.

If you do not learn new things, people who learn those will be ahead.

Hence, if you want to make a good career in the field of Digital marketing, do not think about job security and think about continuous learning and evolving.

Reason 10 – High Salaries Job Available Too

Where will I reach – What Salary Can I Get?

Digital Marketing career can take you places and can get you really good money.

Just like any other job category, getting a huge salary at the start of your career would not be possible in Digital marketing too but as you grow and prove yourself, getting a really good salary package would not be a problem.

You can see that the growth that a digital marketer receives would be higher than most of the other job categories.

In recent times, more and more digital marketing based businesses have grown rapidly and hence digital marketers have gained a lot of importance.

Many of such startups consider digital marketing as one of the main pillars of their company growth and they not only would pay a good salary but would not mind giving e-Sops and stocks to digital marketers. 

If such a situation works out well, digital marketers can earn a lot of money apart from the salary alone.

Reason 11 – No need to work as an employee all your life

If you are wondering will you have to do a job all your life or can you start a business or not……Can I be on my own?

If you do not want to work for a digital marketing agency or work as an in-house digital marketer:

you can become a freelance consultant

You can become a blogger

you can become an Instagram influencer

you can become a Youtuber

You can launch your own course

You can start your own digital marketing agency


All in all, there are enough reasons to think about making a career in Digital Marketing.

The work is interesting

There are not enough digital marketing experts out there

The demand is growing at a rapid pace

The job comes with a lot of respect and it pays well too

Enough reasons to get into Digital Marketing 😉