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DigitalSeekh is a passion of Navin Modi who wants to share his digital marketing experience to students and professionals of Indore to excel in Digital Marketing

After watching the digital marketing course structure and curriculum of various digital marketing coaching institutes and understanding the market requirements, I have spent at least 250 hours to create a digital marketing course that includes the best practices, practical steps and day to day digital marketing requirements that will help in handling any project successfully.

I believe that completing this digital marketing course successfully will help you become a digital marketer that is job and market ready.

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    The Master Certification in Digital Marketing course is being carefully designed to make you job and market ready.

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    DigitalSeekh as the Digital Marketing Institute

    DigitalSeekh is a premier Digital Marketing Training Institute in Indore with the aim of offering a Digital Marketing course that is not just theory but more focused towards the practical aspect of learning digital marketing.

    This digital marketing course is designed by Navin Modi who has 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. The course not only covers the basics of Digital Marketing but also covers advanced and latest modules + tools that are used by Digital Marketers around the globe.
    DigitalSeekh's digital marketing course includes SEO, Google Ads (PPC), Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce, Blogging, Freelancing, Online Media Planning and many other modules that are required for one to become a complete digital marketer.
    The idea is to make the students learn theory as well as practical so that they can become job and market ready.